Course for wedding photographer

Course for wedding photographer

If you’d have told me six years ago that I would be a full-time wedding photographer there is no way that I’d have ever believed you. At the time I was a teacher and my sister was planning her Big Fat Greek Wedding on a tiny Greek island and booking a wedding photographer was proving difficult. My mum asked me if I’d consider shooting the wedding. Whilst I had a camera and an eye for photography I had absolutely no wedding photography experience. Despite this I found myself agreeing so I found myself diving into google, searching for a course for wedding photographers.

After a little reading I found First Point Photography and the rest is history…. Actually, it was a lot of hard work but the training and confidence I found on the course for wedding photographers I found at First Point Photography was absolutely invaluable. I would recommend First Point Photography to anyone looking for a course for wedding photographers. I learnt so much! I turned up on day one with my entry level camera and kit lens and very little idea of what I’d need to do. The aim at this point for me was to learn enough to survive my sister’s wedding; though there may have been a tiny part of me hoping for more I never really believed that this course for wedding photographers might lead to a possible career change in the future. My hopes were that, on this course for wedding photographers, I’d learn how to pose a couple and how to manage the group photos. The First Point Photography course for wedding photographers went way beyond that and covered things that I hadn’t really thought of including using flash and pre wedding planning. By the end of the three days, I had the confidence to not only shoot my sister’s wedding but also actively look for work too!

Not only did the team at first Point Photography offer all of the practical help you’d expect of a course for wedding photographers, they helped me decide which lenses I needed to upgrade to and were always available to offer advice even after the course had finished. The things I learnt in this course for wedding photography are things I still use in all aspects of my wedding photography six years on. This year has been my busiest to date and by the end of 2022 I will have shot 24 weddings. I never would have dreamt that this would have been possible when I searched “course for wedding photographer” six years ago. I am now a full-time photographer and even do some beginners photography teaching. I left the school classroom a long time ago and couldn’t be happier with my new career! If you’d like to have a look at my website the link is here and if like me you are interested in attending a course for wedding photographers pop an email to First Point Photography.


Writing Credit to: Helen J Rose

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