Baby Photography For Beginners

Baby photography for beginners

There is something really special about photographing babies. Capturing some of their very first moments is really beautiful and a privilege but photographing babies for the first time can be a bit daunting, even for experienced photographers. Our baby photography for beginners course covers everything that you will need to know so that, on completion, you will be able to photograph babies confidently. On the course, we learn about posing, lighting and most importantly, safety.

During our baby photography for beginners course, you will learn tips on how to get the very best from your little model. We use some older babies and toddlers as models during our course so not only do you hone your skills, you also build your portfolio. All of the courses we offer at First Point Photography include shoots with real models and you have full rights to share your images on your website and social media channels so it’s a great opportunity to build or grow your portfolio.

In addition to working with children, during the baby photography for beginners course, you will have the opportunity to use a professionally weighted newborn model so that you can safely practice posing a newborn. At First Point Photography we pride ourselves on offering the very best safety training therefore, all our baby photography for beginners courses include a session with a nurse who talks through baby safety. When you attend our photography course, you can be assured you know exactly how to safely handle and pose a newborn.

During the photography course, we look at how to use a variety of studio lighting effects, this means the course is beneficial for other genres; the lighting techniques are not limited to this course. If you would like more information on the baby photography for beginners course please get in touch via email. Also, take a look at our Google Reviews to see what our service is like.

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