Baby photography courses

Baby photography courses

Baby photography courses are really popular at the moment, there are many reasons for booking baby photography courses; wanting to take better photos of your own children, wanting to upskill for your business or because you want to embark on a career in professional photography. Whatever the reason, our baby photography course will ensure that you gain all the knowledge and skills you need. All of our baby photography courses are accredited by City and Guilds and you will earn a digital badge to display on your website. Ours is the only baby photography course in the UK to offer this so your business will be set apart from your competitors.

At first Point Photography our baby photography courses are run using real models and a new-born posing baby so that you get hands on practice with a weighted model new-born as well as experience of working with children in the studio. Baby photography courses are some of our favourites because we get to work with our lovely little tribe of models, they really make us smile and also bring their smiles to the sessions. Our baby photography courses cover everything you need including posing, studio lighting and safety, we even have a nurse come in to demonstrate safe posing of new-borns! As with all of our courses, our baby photography courses are an excellent way for you to build your portfolio. You will have the model release for all the images you take and you will be able to use the images both on your website and social media platforms. If you are new professional photography our baby photography courses also include some really helpful advice for starting your business. To book on one of our baby photography courses or for more information please contact us here.


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